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Your hate makes me strong

I don’t know if the other bloggers get these kinds of mail but everyone once in a while I get a raging fanboi write me a mail about how I am the worst human being on the planet. Usually, they’re mostly WoW fanbois but yesterday I got my first Swtor fanboi hate mail due to my post on Soa.

So here is the said email in a mostly unedited form. I removed some identification but the text is intact. I also added some personal comments in italics. Enjoy!

To the retarded monkey,

it’s a fitting name you chose for yourself you know? You’re just like them, completely retarded and you just fling poop all over the place. I hope they experiement on you and give you some deadly disease.

I already have multiple occurrences of blog Herpes, linkage Aids and mmo stinky feet. I have enough disgusting diseases as is. Ask  NJessi for where you can get these fun diseases.

Your blog on Soa is proof of that. You just write nonsense for your dumb readers when in fact you are just fail and just don’t know how to play. Just read up on the fight and you’ll beat it. My guild defeated him on hard mode in our first week of raiding and most of us still had green gear on us. Maybe if you weren’t raiding with noobs you would beat it. Just get your thumbs out of your ass!

How am I supposed to keep my thumbs warms ?? Also, if you are reading this you could be dumb. But it’s alright, I’m dumb too so we’ll probably have way more fun than the guy writing this mail. Being elitist is srs bznes.

Also I call lies on the whole “beating Soa on hard mode with greens”…

What’s worst is that when you write all these lies on your blog you hurt the game you pretend to love. If we want swtor to grow, we need more people to play, not less you dumbf**k! Use that tiny brain of yours for a change.

When we encountered the bugs it felt very real… maybe we had a collective hallucination. And if I get this part right… I should lie to get the game better but not lie at the same time… it’s a bit confusing for my “tiny” brain here.

Please just go back to WoW with your gay friends and faceroll some bosses. It should make your tiny brain happy.

Again with the tiny brain. We also have the “gay” insult which is very original. Great mail!

 Well, it made me laugh when I got this yesterday. Hope it made you smile too!

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My undying hatred for Soa

Soa is the final boss in the Eternity Vault operation (raid). He’s some kind of powered up ancient Rakata Palpatine or some such and he’s supposed to be badass and impressive. Personally, I think he looks like a mutant tuna fish.

And as befit most final bosses in raid, he’s got somewhat of a fancy fight with multiple phases, platform hoping, positioning him under pillars so he takes damage and a slew of other small things. Under normal circumstances I’d call him an interesting fight.

But that would be if he wasn’t bugged out like hell. He’s a raid leader nightmare come true. Why? Because our ability to kill him reside not so much our own abilities but more with our ability to beat the RBG (Random Bug Generator). Of all our wipes on this guy, slightly over half are directly linked to bugs.

We’ve had the boss reset, platforms disappears or not being there to begin with, the pillars not hitting him when they should, the boss not taking damage even though he had his debuff on. We had people fall through the floor or not falling at all when they go down, lightning balls do an absurd amount of damage.. or being simply invisible and the list goes on. There was a thread on the swtor forums where people compiled the various bugs and last time I looked, there was 27 different wipe causing bugs listed.

We did kill him in the end but it’s so frustrating to have to suffer through the bugs for a boss that we would have under control if not for the bugs. And it’s taking its toll on some of our raider moral as well. I’ve had people talk to me through whisper telling me that they were considering never doing Eternity Vault again. Normally I’d say screw them along with scathing comments about being a team player but in this particular case I can’t say I disagree with them. Raiding should be fun and wiping due to bugs is not.

But the worst for me is that it gets me ranting during raid and possibly ruining the other people evening who might be enjoying the raid despite the bugs. I try to catch myself from doing it but sometimes I slip up and launch into some sort of angry rant. I don’t want to do that…

I’ll close by saying that I’m aware that this post is basically an angry rant but I had to let it out and hopefully, be done with it.

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Steam sales are evil!

Why? Because I have no will and end-up buying games that I don’t even have the time to play right now! Hey look! It’s Deux:Ex with all the DLC for only 10 dollars!  I only have like 50 more games I need to complete but hey, what’s one more right??

So, no real point to today’s post but complain about my gameolism…

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I don’t want Recount or any addons that looks like it in Swtor. There I said it! I understand perfectly why people want feedback in raids and I would like more too. But, I don’t want to relive Recount and all the addons like it (gearscore for example).


Because addons end up being gating mechanism. They are not used to evaluate performance to help improve as some people pretend but they are mainly used to keep unwanted players out.

I believe that not everyone starts out being a kickass raider.

I believe however that skill can be taught and learned.

I believe that addons that are used as binary pass/fail features by lazy raid leaders end up robbing players of the opportunity to learn and grow and end up hurting the community as a whole.

I believe that a player should be able to play without being subjects to these addons but that sadly, addons are often enforced on those who want nothing to do with them. A casual gamer should be able to do a normal mode dungeon without being subjected to a dps chart and being told he sucks.

So yes, addons that measure performance can be used to improved oneself or evaluate a raid performance and help find out why a raid is failing at a task. I can also tell you a good raid leader can tell without looking at addons. I raid leaded in WoW, I’m doing it in Swtor and I can tell what is going wrong without an addon.

The truth is that addons are used mainly to keep people out. They are used as a way to tell someone “No, you can’t come” without having to give a real reason and without having to bother to help someone grow in the game.

I understand that some people couldn’t care less about helping others or giving a chance to others. I get that. But I don’t agree with it.

If you give me a choice between performance and building community I will always chose the latter because I believe it will give us a better game in the long run. So if you’re one of those who pins for Recount or Gearscore or any of the similar addons, find me a better solution because right now, I’ll take no feedback over going back to these community destroying addons.

PS: Jennifer rightly pointed out that this post concerns mainly feedback addons and not the ones to change your UI colors or similar addons.

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Hacking worries

I know normally I talk about Lotro on Wednesday but today I have something else on my mind. So the other night I was feeling like playing some Starcraft 2, felt like building marines and blowing stuff up with nukes and the game delivered happily. Yesterday, I was up for some more destruction and hoped in for a quick game.

I then noticed something weird… all my Real Id friends are gone from my friends list… but I don’t pay it much mind. After all, there was a patch recently and it could just be bugged or connection issue with battle net. Nothing to lose sleep over.

Then this morning, Wolfsong contacts me and tells me he noticed my old wow character is now stark naked. Damn…. I’ve been hacked!

Or was I?

See, I went to my Battlenet account and noticed a few weird things. For starters, my WoW account wasn’t reactivated at all… I know from a few friends who got old accounts hacked that said hackers need to reactivate the account to steal it blind. Second weird clue, only my main character is naked. All my other characters are intact… Normally when this happens the hackers empty all the characters…. not just one… So.. how could I have been hacked without even reactivating my account.

To be honest, if it was only WoW I wouldn’t mind so much… sure it’s disturbing to know that you lost all your hard-earned gear even on an inactive account but the real problem for me here is that my Starcraft 2 account is linked there too and I don’t want to lose that one.

So, the investigation is ongoing, I have started the automated recovery process and changed password, put back the authenticator, scan my pc… etc… and I’m praying that it’s only a weird bug thing. Hopefully that’s all it was… a very weird bug

Edit: It was definitively hax. All my Azuremyst chars were hacked and I’m pretty sure I have a key logger on my PC… damnit. Luckily I have auhtenticator for Swtor and I check most of remember account cases so they dont have the combo of account + password but I apparently made a mistake with Sc2 I believe.. sigh… here goes a round of redoing all my passwords 😦

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