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Testing the waters

So I’m sorta, kinda back to some MMO playing. Notice I’m saying some because I haven’t put a lot of hours into it but I’m playing and I’m enjoying it so that must count for something.

I’m currently playing Swtor on the Sith side and I’m again blown away by the story this game has to offer. Sure it’s not the best when you’re doing it for the 4th time but that first time around it’s pretty amazing which lends some weight to the arguments that maybe Swtor would have been better off as a single player game. In any case, right now things are good which is the most important.

The one thing I’m noticing though is that I’m playing with a sort of wary attitude. Yes, the story is good but EA does a fantastic job of reminding me every 5 minutes about me needing to subscribe and it does suck. Completing a quest that only offer credits as a rewards and then finding out I can’t take the reward because it’s subscribers only does sour an otherwise great quest.

So there’s good, there’s bad and I guess we’ll see how it goes from here.

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I learned that EA released a patch/DLC  for Simcity where you can get a new building that’s basically a giant advertisement for Nissan. Better yet, that building doesn’t cost you anything in-game (money, wokers, power, etc…) and improves the happiness of your city.

So, if you want to add publicity in your game, your city gets better. It’s Ads to Win and it sickens me. I guess that since EA cannot make enough money straight up anymore by making good games, they’re going to resort to selling publicity into their games…

I don’t even know where I’m at anymore with them. If any company deserves to crash and burn, it’s EA.

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My quest to find myself some quality MMO time has brought me back to Swtor where me and a few friends are planning on leveling little sithies for fun. It also happen to be home of the Snarkers and the infamous Njessi. I’ve been derping a bit on a new bounty hunter and it’s been fun, but also weird.

The fun part is simply the leveling Swtor has to offer. Going through the story after a long while being absent from the game feels fresh and new and it’s actualy fun. The weird part is the cash shop you have in your face all the time and the numerous reminders that life would be so much better if you were subscribed.

The CSD (Credit Sign of Doom! I just made this up) moment of the day came when I learned that certain quests rewards, like credits, are only available to paying subscribers. It just so happened that after successfully negotiating my bounty money with the Hutts, my bounty hunter couldn’t take the only reward offered… the credits I had just argued for.

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