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It’s that time of the year.

I don’t know if something’s wrong with me, if I’m weak willed or if its perfectly normal but I feel restless. I feel the need to try out a ton of MMOs, new ones, old ones, new ideas in old ones…  Every year its the same. About 2 or 3 times a year I get this intense period of wanting to do crazy MMO ideas and projects.

Its not even because I’m bored with Lotro, quite the opposite in fact, but since last week I read everything on every other MMOs. I feel like rolling rogue and ganking people in WoW or dusting off my priest and go raid healing, I feel like giving another go at Star Trek Online since reading about Mmogamerchick adventures there, I even feel like giving AoC another go, all this while going to explore Moria.

It’s crazy, I know I don’t have the time to do all of the above but it’s still the way I feel. I might try to satisfy the urge with STO and maybe this time give it a more decent chance(4 hours is not a decent chance).

Maybe it’s spring… I dont know…


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A quick change

Did a  quick change to the theme of the blog since I was tired of having the sidebar go away when reading a single post. Hopefully there won’t be too much impact. Now I guess I could update that header too…

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Up there in the mountain

Every single MMO, rpg even, has it, the cold and forbidden mountain zone. In WoW it was Winterspring or the more recent Stormpeaks, in Lotro it’s the Misty Mountains.

For having done winter survival in the canadian north when I was younger with a trekking club I can assure you that Lotro’s Misty Mountains is the one coming the closest to the real deal. It feels cold, it feels grey and you fear you’re going to freeze to death and then get eaten by bears three times your own size(their heads are as big as my poor little hobbit!!!).  Seriously I had flashbacks of being huddled in a tent at minus 38 degrees celsius while the wind was threatening to rip the tent apart.

I love it. I know for many it can be yet another “desolate end-game zone” but it’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s a mountain range and not a summer Santa village with artificial snow. I should feel cold and I should be afraid to die. Now if only those damn goblins could freeze to death before summoning more reinforcements I’d be a happy camper.

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Sorry to my american friends

This has nothing to do with MMOs but since I’m canadian, since my province team is facing a 7th game in playoffs when everyone (myself included) tought they had no chance  and since I lost a bet I have to claim loud and proud my support of the Montreal Canadiens for tonight’s game. This will also involve hanging a flag in front of my window tonight as well as a probable drinking binge while we crush the Capitals.

Seriously I’m not that much into hockey and my team was the now defunct Québec Nordiques but when the playoffs comes around something in my blood wakes up and I feel the need to watch every game. Tonight will be no different!


Edit: 2-1 win for Montreal! Now it’s on to the Penguins

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This post has been a long time in the making because I wanted to get it right. Recently with my getting back to Lotro, the mess I had in WoW with raiding and the news of the upcoming changes for Cataclysm, one thing is becoming obvious to me, we’re all pretty much dumb monkeys. Special thanks to Mmogamerchick last two posts for making me see how dumb I can get!

Don’t tell me how to play!

This seems so easy, everyone says it and everyone believes that they are playing their favorite MMO on their own terms. One can say he’s a PvP player, so that what he does! Another prefers collecting pets, so that what he does! But in reality, is he really playing the game on his own terms?

Let me take the example of the pet and mount collector. This guy hates commitment and raiding. What he loves the most is questing and grinding to raise reputations and get access to rare mounts and pets. However at some point he sees a pet he wants but can only get through PvP. Will he say screw it and just give up on that pet? Of course not… he’s going to grith his teeth and PvP until he can get the pet. A new rare mount from raiding? You can laugh your ass off as you see the guy try to become an endgame raider just to get a mount.  Soon enough he’ll be doing his daily heroics just like everyone else even if he wants nothing to do with it.

Think about it, think about what you want out of a MMO and count all the stuff you did that you originally didn’t want to do.  And what do we do when we are doing something we don’t want to? We aim for the path of less resistance.

Choosing the path of resistance

The path of less resistance is only that. There’s less resistance. It’s not the path of ultimate fun or the path of getting what you want. It only happens to be faster and/or easier.

Let’s say that what you truly enjoy is raiding with huge 25 man groups, you just love the challenge and the feeling of epicness you get. On the other hand you hate farming with a passion. You don’t want to run heroics but you figure you have no other choice…

Really? Think carefully about it. What prevents you from building a new raid group to raid Naxxramas and work you way up the normal progression? The raids are still there, the loot still drop and nothing has changed. There’s a quicker option to get to the latest dungeon but there’s absolutely nothing in the rules of the game preventing you from doing it.

Sure it’s going to be incredibly painful and complicated to get enough people to start raiding. Yes, it may take a few attempts to make it work. It’s a lot harder but there’s nothing that say you have no right to do it.

If you’re having more fun this way, why not take the hard path? Why would you buy into the system?


I have to thank Lotro and it’s skirmish system for opening my eyes. The skirmish system in Lotro is more or less the same thing as the LFG tool in WoW. Quick instances that net a ton of loot and xp. A great system to level quickly and gear yourself up. But since coming back to Lotro I’ve barely used it.

Why? Because I’m having more fun exploring the zones and doing the quests. It’s a lot slower and there’s a ton of waste of time traveling but for me it’s more enjoyable.

Games designers often put these alternate systems into games to offer more options to players. To allow someone who’s on his 10th alt and just want to get to endgame faster options. It’s a great idea and it should make games better but it’s not always the case. Alternate becomes required and soon enough you find yourself playing the game how others expect you to just so you can get ahead faster.

But there’s one thing a lot of people forget. None of these are required, you can always choose a slower and harder path, but one that might bring you a lot more fun.

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Wednesday Lotro and more!

Life goes on in Middle-Earth and I’m now level 41, keeping the one level a week pace so far. At this rate I should be at the level cap in six months, wich is just fine with me. I am enjoying a lot exploring the universe Tolkien created and seeing all the sights for myself. I have to tip my hat to Turbine for making a game that is so incredibly faithful to the source material. I’ve started questing in Misty Mountains yesterday, one of the old endgame zones of the orignal game.

Changing subject I finished painting my Terminator squad for my Salamanders army yesterday. I painted longer than I had planned to but I really wanted to see the finished models and now that I did I’m pretty happy with the results. Pictures should be coming thursday when I get a chance to take some. If anything my self-ass kicking seems to be paying off so far.

Finally I’m at 25.5 miles walked for Eowyn’s Challenge wich would put me on the road to Stock.

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The cold shower

With the recent announcement to the 10/25 raiding scheme coming in Cataclysm I was starting to feel the fire burning again for WoW. No matter what happens, raiding in WoW has always been something I love to do when I don’t have to deal with the logistics or drama.

And then I see this in the latest announcement:

  • Hero Points — Low-tier, easier-to-get PVE points. Maximum cap to how many you can own, but no cap to how quickly you can earn them. Earned from most dungeons. (most like the current Emblem of Triumph)
  • Valor Points — High-tier, harder-to-get PvE points. Maximum cap to how many you can own, as well as a cap to how many you can earn per week. Earned from Dungeon Finder daily Heroic and from raids. (most like the current Emblem of Frost)
  • When a new tier of raiding gear is released or a new PvP season begins, your higher tier of points will be converted into the lower tier

    What this means is that the exact same heroic grinding game will still be going on. Let me break it down quickly:

    1.Players have to their daily heroic everyday in order to maximise their Valor points and thus stay up-to-date with the latest gear. Since a cap will be put on how much Valor points one can earn every week this mainly affect non-raiding player gearing up as raiding players should be able to hit the cap in raids.
    2.Valor point will downgrade with each release of new content meaning that new, better gear will be purchasable with the new content.
    3.This means that progressions will the same as the current one with the progression of gear voiding previous content since the gear purchasable will scale up.

    So to do a quick recap, if you want to get into raiding you will have to do farm heroics just like today wich means that there will be as many people who want to get it done ASAP so they can get into raiding and stop having to farm heroics for either their mains or alts they are trying to gear up.

    Nothing has changed…

    Seriously Blizzard. All you did was change the current system so there’s less sort of different badges. You send the message that you think that the current endgame of farming heroics is working well for you?? I mean I can’t believe you haven’t noticed everyone is tired of having to run the same stuff all the time. Are you nuts or something?

    Players are burning out faster now than they have ever been. And on every single blog, thread, comment, discussion I’ve seen or heard the same comment always come up at some point:

    I’m tired of having to log in to do my daily chores(heroics, quests, etc…)

    I cannot believe you haven’t noticed that or that you believe that forcing people to log in every day  is fun. The cap will work for raiding toons by freeing a bit of their times. But for alts and people trying to gear up… oh yeah! daily heroic time again!

    I’ll stop now because I could keep moaning about the utter stupidity and lack of insight this is for a hundred pages and still would not be done. If ever I was thinking about coming back this morning this announcement killed all the excitement I had in the surest way possible.

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