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I’m starting a series of posts today to chronicle my journey to level 90 and raiding solely through the Looking for Dungeon tool. When I started my warlock I did so with the idea of getting back into raiding on a dps so I wouldn’t be put into leadership positions and I figured I could enjoy life as a ranged dps. Since I want with this toon to do some serious progression in raids and see some though figths I wanted to make sure I crossed my T and dotted my I, meaning that not only I would need to have all my professions leveled, top gear, gems and enchant, but also I would need to be able top the dps meters, the most important metric for many raid groups.

Based on my experience tanking, the best way to truly be good at a class is to practice. The devil is in the details and many times small adjustments means a world of difference in terms of performance. I figured that leveling through dungeons with the aim of topping the dps meters there would be excellent practice. After all, with differences in levels, gear (heirloom), being able to top the dps meter there would be a good challenge and it has been so far.

When I started I thought that the leveling part would be boring and not worthy of attention but I’m discovering that it might be in fact the most interesting. Just like at endgame, the playing field is not even and there are people with distinct advantages but it forces me to push myself and I’m kinda liking it so far.

So I’m hoping this series will be of interest for those who want to get into raiding… if there’s such a thing a anymore. Maybe I’ll fail, maybe I’ll succeed but I’m hopeful that it will be at least entertaining.

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