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So, it seems Lono plans on busting out of the dungeon this weekend and my time here will come to an end. I’ve enjoyed writing here, it’s made me wrack my brain for some other topics besides my usual day to day postings on what I’m playing. It’s also nice reaching out to another audience as I am sure he has readers that never come to my site. I like the idea of having other people incorporated in a blog, it’s really nice. I’d love to open up my blog to guest writers sometime, it’s always nice to have different perspectives. Maybe I ran off a few readers…. Mwahaha! Just kidding!

I’ve missed playing WoW with Lono and I was thinking of popping back into WoW recently but I’ve had to hear how much WoW sucks, from my ol’ man. I see where he is coming from, as he sometimes sounds like me on a bad day. However, I love all things MMO. While I don’t always support changes in games or direction, I still am awed by the design and dynamics of games. I try to be open and not close minded about games.

What’s holding me back… besides the caveman, club in hand making Tim Allen sounds while pullingĀ  at my hair at any mention of it! I suppose it’s the watered down community and burn out. But Cataclysm is soon to release which is making a return sound very interesting. Digital download, yes please! Though, am I ready to jump back into the meter, gear score, nerd raging scene again? It’s been nice and quiet and relaxing since I’ve been gone. On the other hand, I do miss the game and my friends.

I was thinking about heading back in casually and enjoying the expansion for what it is. I think there may be some good changes and I’m almost ready to venture back. Almost. So what is everyone else doing until release? Are you excited about Cataclysm? Should I venture back now, or wait for Cata to hit? I can’t help it all the new things have me intrigued! I have characters sitting there waiting to experience the new goodness!

Thanks for putting up with me for the week šŸ˜‰ I’ve enjoyed the the time here. *Rolls out the red carpet for Lono’s return*



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