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Five Reasons To Try Everquest II

We interrupt this blog for a public service announcement…

Since it’s the sixth anniversary for Everquest II I thought I’d make a post of five reasons why you should give it a try (YES, you Lono!). With Cataclysm still a month away why not give EQ2 a whirl? What have you got to lose? It’s actually my favorite MMO, simply because of the expansive world and so many things to do. I’m such a late poster, I know Lono is always posting bright and early. I’m a creature of the night, I can’t help it! I was busy decorating my Necromancer’s lair last night… *Yawn*. I thought I’d write about something that never get’s spoken about here- So let’s get started on five reasons you should play, or at least try, Everquest II.

1- Something For Everyone

This is probably the biggest reason I love this game. I get bored so easily with MMO games. I have an attention span that rivals my cat’s these days, I jump from MMO games like he jumps across the furniture. There is always something I can work on or towards. I can work on levels, status, trade skills, PvP, harvest, quest, raid, group or solo. There is always something to do. Plus every month there are events to liven things up and there are of course some of the bigger events that roll around sooner than you think, lotys of holiday events! Not interested in fluffy events, sell the stuff to make teh monies!

2- Community

This is another thing that keeps. The community, for the most part, is fantastic. I meet so many kind and fun people it’s really great. My guild is full of helpful people who bend over backwards to help others. Especially my guild leader. It’s not just this guild either, most guilds I’ve been in are much like this. The people are so cool. Sure we have our share of morons but on a smaller scale. I’m sort of a loner but it’s hard when you have people asking you to get involved!

Guilds are a great part of the community too. With guild halls you can have a place to hang out, meet up and trades kill. There is good reason to actually go to your guild’s hall. They offer ports, banking and so much more. I always have to be in a guild. Plus you can use your status only if you are in a guild (buying certain houses, mounts… so on and so forth.. etc.)

3- Mentoring

Mentoring rocks! I love the mentoring system, sometimes a friend will be playing an alt or maybe is a bit lower than I. That doesn’t stop us from being able to group and play together. Mentor the person, once grouped, and there you go! Another thing is the Chrono Mentoring. What this does is enables you to mentor down to a certain level range. Which is cool if you missed content and wanted to go back for it.

4- Fluff

I can get lost in my daydreaming about fluff. Everquest II offers tons of fluff, from mounts (appearance slot for your mount, hell yeah!), clothes and weapon appearance slots. Housing is really not for everyone but everyone can use it and benefit from it. Selling items from your house and having a guild door (ports you to the guild hall) are quite handy. I love little cute pets following me around, sometimes I have three following me on my adventures. Some of them offer benefits such as deity pets which grant bonus stats.Enough about fluff, I could go on all day…

5- Mounted Combat… Or Not…

I love mounted combat. Many games don’t offer this and it’s really a charming factor. If you don’t like it, there is always the option to hide mounts (yet still use it) all of the time, just in combat or never. Something for everyone there. Some mounts offer bonuses so this is nice to be able to utilize. The game also has some really awesome looking mounts to collect. Speaking of mounts you can also display them in your house when you’re not using them.


Just the tip of the iceberg. I thought I’d post in celebration of the anniversary. Check it out, it’s really a fantastic game with a fantastic community. Questions? Check out the Everquest II Crash Course! I promise I won’t be talking about this game all week, I have my own blog for that 😉


I will leave you with a couple of videos, the first is PvE raid content and the second is a peek at how the Battlegrounds look.



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