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So, it seems Lono plans on busting out of the dungeon this weekend and my time here will come to an end. I’ve enjoyed writing here, it’s made me wrack my brain for some other topics besides my usual day to day postings on what I’m playing. It’s also nice reaching out to another audience as I am sure he has readers that never come to my site. I like the idea of having other people incorporated in a blog, it’s really nice. I’d love to open up my blog to guest writers sometime, it’s always nice to have different perspectives. Maybe I ran off a few readers…. Mwahaha! Just kidding!

I’ve missed playing WoW with Lono and I was thinking of popping back into WoW recently but I’ve had to hear how much WoW sucks, from my ol’ man. I see where he is coming from, as he sometimes sounds like me on a bad day. However, I love all things MMO. While I don’t always support changes in games or direction, I still am awed by the design and dynamics of games. I try to be open and not close minded about games.

What’s holding me back… besides the caveman, club in hand making Tim Allen sounds while pulling  at my hair at any mention of it! I suppose it’s the watered down community and burn out. But Cataclysm is soon to release which is making a return sound very interesting. Digital download, yes please! Though, am I ready to jump back into the meter, gear score, nerd raging scene again? It’s been nice and quiet and relaxing since I’ve been gone. On the other hand, I do miss the game and my friends.

I was thinking about heading back in casually and enjoying the expansion for what it is. I think there may be some good changes and I’m almost ready to venture back. Almost. So what is everyone else doing until release? Are you excited about Cataclysm? Should I venture back now, or wait for Cata to hit? I can’t help it all the new things have me intrigued! I have characters sitting there waiting to experience the new goodness!

Thanks for putting up with me for the week 😉 I’ve enjoyed the the time here. *Rolls out the red carpet for Lono’s return*



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Changes, No Monkey Today! (WoW)

Greetings! The Monkey is away and it’s now time for kaozz take over! Mwahahaha! He’s locked away in a dungeon.. err away on business. In all seriousness I’m very flattered my friend, Lono, asked me to do a few guest posts while he is gone! Lately we don’t play many of the same games together but we share many of the same ideals and expectations when it comes to MMO games. So, I thought I’d write a bit about the game where we have shared the most time playing together, World of Warcraft. Cataclysm is releasing in roughly four weeks and it seems like a lot of changes.

I actually had a dream I started playing WoW again, last night. [Insert nerd joke here.]  Sometimes I get nostalgic about the game, it’s changed so very much. Why do people think the older ways were better? Even the developers have stated that this expansion will bring back some of the old ways, such as blue gear having more worth and more focus on working more together as a team, in instances. I don’t know if we can ever go back to where we started, we’ve moved so far ahead. Classes keep changing and roles start blending together. The community is more separated than ever. Yet we still have hopes each expansion will give us hope for the future! Cataclysm will being us back to the old, places we’ve had some great memories, but freshen these old places up a bit. Maybe it will bring some of that old feeling back?

So what is it that keeps us playing? Memories, friends, and the game is basically a very enjoyable experience as far as combat is concerned, those are a few reasons for me. While I’m not playing it now, I’m sure I will after Cataclysm is released. It will be refreshing and new again. I miss some of the old direction though. What is it that  players miss so much, that we want to recapture, besides that wide eyed newbie feeling we once had? What could Cataclysm bring back, what are we missing?

Being proud of what you worked for!

I think for some people it was that hard work was rewarded. Spending massive amounts of time isn’t always what we mean here. Dungeons were a challenge and everyone had to do their part (not going to get into 40 man raids here.. lol). There were many classes that could make things easier. Working hard for something, well it sort of gives you a sense of accomplishment. Does that mean things like the emblem system are bad? No, I actually like both ways of doing things. Maybe making rewards viable from many different outlets for different play styles.


Classes had definition. You played a class for a reason, you may like the lore surrounding it or they play style. But each class had a unique feel to it. I miss that a lot. I have not played since the current patch was released but it had quite a few changes. Will the classes be more defining in Cataclysm? Maybe they could shape up more, I do know they will morph even more over the next year with more changes through this expansion.


I love not sitting there spamming LFG over and over. However I don’t like the idea of the servers being meshed together while ripping a community apart to do this. I, for one, would prefer to be able to cross faction group before doing a cross server group. People are not accountable for their actions and this has really changed the feel of the game for me. I remember making friends in groups and raids along the way. I don’t do that much anymore, at least not in groups. If I do, sadly, they are, almost always, on other servers. Maybe the new guild system will help players reach out to others in the need to build a stronger guild. All we can do is wait and see!

Old World

While it will be sad to see many zones change it will give us some more refreshing places to adventure to. I will miss many of these, I’ve had a peek at some and it’s looking good with much of the same feel though. The old players can visit some of those old places where it’s been so long since we’ve really had much of a reason to adventure to, which will have a nice charm about it. New players won’t really mind because it’s all new to them!


That’s as much of a blast from the past as I can take, for today! What hopes do you have for Cataclysm? Being reunited with old friends, new places to explore and seeing some of the old places again, are a few things that I am looking forward to. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite old school videos, enjoy the scenery! Thanks for putting up with my ramblings,  I’ll be back to ramble again  😉 Unless the Monkey escapes… I mean comes back early!


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