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The salamanders project

This has absolutely nothing to do with MMOs but I need to kick myself in the ass if I ever want to get this done. See I’ve been playing Warhammer for a really long time and played in quite a few tournaments. I wanted to get myself a new tournament army wich I knew would not go obsolete(spaces marines) and with wich I could show my improved painting skills. In most of these tournaments you are ranked on a number of criteria, one of wich is painting.

Now most tournaments ranks painting on a scale of 0 to 3.
0: Unpainted or uncompleted. So ugly you would rather die than play them.
1: While an effort was obviously made to paint the army it is of poor quality and not great to look at.
2: Standard tabletop quality. The army is well painted but a few details might be missing and/or it’s not painted to a high standard.
3: Above average. While it may not win the best painted army awards this army is very well painted and you would want to play with it if able to.

My Dark Angel army painted over 8 years ago score an average of 2 with a few 1 depending on who is rating my army. My Tyranids from 3 years ago get a steady 2 with a few surprises 3 from time to time. Since its obvious that I managed to improve I want my Salamanders to rank a steady 3.

So I started to build my Salamanders last year and… well I got one squad done and a start on some other models. Thing is most of the army is already bought so its starting to get on my nerves to see it still in boxes.

In order to finish this army I am now making it a priority and using this blog to force myself to finish. The steps are:
-Set up a page on this blog where I will put pictures and advancement so I get reminded to get to work.
-I have to paint a minimum of 1 hour on weekdays and 2 hours on weekend.
-I have to finish a project within two weeks of starting it. A project is either a squad, a vehicle, a character or anything else that takes up a choice in the army listing.

If I manage to follow this I should have my first complete list done by mid september. Wish me luck.

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I’m not talking about the MMO here but rather the tabletop strategy game. There’s been a few posts recently on Warhammer online(WaR) with some people wondering about what the strategy game was about. Since there’s also a Warhammer 40k MMO in the works and the fact I’m a crazy Warhammer fan plus I’ve worked in a hobby shop before I tought I’d write this for all those wondering about us strange people playing with toy soldiers.

The very basics

Let’s get some basics out-of-the-way first. There’s two main strategy games with the Warhammer name out there, Warhammer Fantasy Battles(Fantasy for short) and Warhammer 40k (WH40k). Both use the same basics systems(stats) and some miniatures (demons) can even be used in both systems. The main differences between the two are setting(medieval and Sci-fi) and how the game is played. So when talking about Warhammer, I’m talking about the hobby in general.

Warhammer is first and foremost a hobby with both a miniature and game aspect. Most Warhammer players will favor one aspect over the other but people who stick with the hobby enjoy both aspect of it. For example, I prefer playing the game but I will take the time to assemble and paint my minis. A friend of mine will only assemble them and another is mainly a painter with a few games here and there. Still, we all participate in every aspect of the hobby.

Second, Warhammer is not cheap. This is why I say to people wanting to start that you must participate in the full hobby and not only parts of it. A starter army will cost anywhere between 200-300$(Canadian) and it’s not uncommon to spend close to a 1000$ on  a single army once everything is added up.  You obviously don’t want that money wasted.

Finally Warhammer is a social activity. Just like MMOs there’s an active community out there that loves to talk about and debate the game ad nauseum. Tournaments are fun places to be and it’s not unusual for local communities to meet up after games for beer, food or any other kind of activity. Where I live the local Warhammer group has a good Paintball team going on. This aspect is why you see full-grown men and women play with toy soldiers.

It all looks so incredibly complicated…

To be honest it is and it’s not. The actual game of warhammer is actually pretty simple to grasp when you get down to it. You can play one or two turns and you would already know how to play 95% of the game. The last 5% is special armies rules and special situations that you can learn pretty fast.  But just like MMOs, the real learning is all about tactics, army building and trying out new strategies.  What makes the game so much fun is that you never play the same game twice.

So why exactly spend a 1000$ to play with toy soldiers

Well like so many geek things there’s no real reason to.  There’s something about seeing a fully painted army and play at being the general that appeals to some people, myself included.  It’s just like asking “why spend 4 nights a week in front of your computer to earn pixels?”. The simplest answer is “because I enjoy doing it”.

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