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Lok’Tar Ogar Mr. Metzen

So it took Chris Metzen retiring to break me from stasis and get me to blog here again. I don’t know if anyone will see this but today I’m letting my inner 12 years old out to thank a man that was rather influential to a little nerd like me.


Now, I know that in recent years mr. Metzen has been a somewhat controversial figure in the gaming community for reasons mostly relating to his stories which have been described as comic book level writing aimed at 12 years old boys with all that it entails. Shallow storylines, objectified females characters and plot holes so deep that they turned into black holes that sucked into them any semblance of sense from the rest of the story.

Of course, he also had his defenders but one thing that everyone seemed to agree on is that he had an energy and passion for the games he worked on that was rarely seen. In many ways, he was still a 12 years old letting his imagination run wild and telling you about all the cool things that were happening. He had an enthusiasm that was contagious and even managed to get me excited about Warlords orcs of all things.

So what about me? Well, back I was …12 years old… I stumbled upon Warcraft and soon after Warcraft 2 and surprise, I got totally hooked. I would play the game every moment I could and I would read the manual with all the cool art (blood!) when I wasn’t playing. I still have that manual somewhere. Later on I moved to Diablo, got hooked again and from that point I was pretty much a Blizzard fanboy.


I’ll keep this short and say that I just want to take a moment to thank Chris Metzen and wish him all the best in whatever he wants to do next. For me, he’s always been that lucky nerd that managed to make his DnD game come to life and I enjoyed that ride a lot over the years. He might not have been perfect but I’m willing to forgive a fellow geek who just wanted to share his fun and exctiment with me.

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