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Back in WoW, I finally managed to land a Brawler’s Guild invite after watching the black market auction house like a hawk for an hour or so the other night. For the low low price of only 6.8k gold, I got myself the right to fight more monsters in an arena and pretend I’m the most awesome monster killer ever.

Turns out that these guys hit hard… Sure the first few fights are a matter of “stay out of the bad” mostly but it didn’t take long before I started to die with some regularity. Sure my gear could use improvement(a lot in fact…) but I’m wondering if it’s even designed to be done by all classes. I’m a warrior and I can see how my old DK would have an easier time.

Anyway, any of you guys have any advice about how to go about this whole Brawler buiseness?

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Sc2 challenge update and other things

After three weeks of Sc2 I ‘m slowly getting in the groove of things. I play a few matches most days with some practice and even if I don’t always feel like I’m making a ton of progress I know I am so it’s all good. I’m ranked 7 in my division and seem to be able to hold my own up there, I’m facing gold opponents nearly all the time and I get a few silvers here and there and I can usually beat them without much trouble. I haven’t seen any platinum opponents yet but I’m suspecting it won’t be long before I face them if things keep going like they are. Long story short, I just need to keep at it.

The MMO front is pretty quiet. I log in quickly most days and do a few things but I’m usually not staying very long. It’s not that I’m bored or tired of WoW, just that lately I get distracted by other shiny stuff. In fact if I go by past years, I tend to have a slump right around this time and it picks back up a few weeks later.

So that’s it for me, hope you guys are enjoying yourselves.

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