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WoT I’m up to: Fly Casual

Short World of Tanks post today.

So I’ve been playing WoT on and off since beta mostly doing a few games every other day or day either when I come home from work or just have a moment to kill. For the most part I’ve been playing by myself and just doing public matches, sometimes in a platoon with a friend.

Lately though it seems the clans (guilds) are in recruitment mode and I’ve been pestered a few too many times with offers from preteens to join their awesome guilds full of kids. Not interested.

So I did what I always did in WoW, started my own guild so I’d be left alone and thus Fly Casual was born and now I’m extending an invitation to anyone who wants to join a World of tanks clan mostly to be left alone and sometimes play with mature people.

Fly Casual is not a hardcore guild, it’s not a clan war guild and we expect nothing from our small membership (all three of us at the moment!). If that sounds like something you would like then feel free to go to the WoT website and apply, which consists of clicking on a link in the page, no essay or anything required.

Also, since I’ve been asked before, if you’re looking to try out the game and want some company to learn the ropes this would be a good place too so feel free to come even if you don’t know anything about the game but have been curious to try it out.

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Resident Evil marathon, RE3: Nemesis

Resident Evil  3: Nemesis
System: Playstation
Release date: September 22, 1999

Where to begin with RE3? Do I start talking about how the story seems shoehorned and makes little sense? Do I talk about the destruction of Raccoon city or do I talk about the Nemesis, probably one of the best bosses of video game history?

I guess I’ll start by putting things into pespective. After the monster success of RE2, Capcom was working on its next gen Resident Evil title for the Dreamcast, Resident Evil Code Veronica. In many ways, Code Veronica is the real RE3. It continues the story started in the previous games and Capcom wanted to take the series to the next level. Problem was, the Dreamcast and the game were still quite a long bit away and they wanted to cash in some more on the success of RE2. So they did what most company does, they rushed a new RE title and named it Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

And while it may have been a disaster of epic proportions, it turned out to be great success for one main reason, the boss of the game, the Nemesis. I swear, having that huge monster pop out all the time carrying a rocket launcher and pursuing you like a good slasher movie monster does make for some great moments. RE3 also turned out to be the game where I died the most thanks to that monster in no small part. That constant threat of having him pop up and kill you is what made Nemesis such a memorable monster.

In the end, the game generated mixed reactions, some loving it for the boss and others hating it for it’s weird story.

He looks so happy to see you

Let’s nuke it all

In the grand overall scheme of things RE3 contributed very little to the Resident Evil mythos except for two very important things. First, it established firmly Umbrella as the evil company we now know, who controls everything and can do whatever it wants. Second… they nuked Raccoon city.

Yeah… the city you’ve been playing in and trying to survive? Gone… just like that. I think Capcom couldn’t have made it clearer that they wanted to move away from the original games with the next one and that’s the way they found… nuke the whole place. A lot fans resented that decision and some even do to this day, considering that the series died along with the city.

Personally I don’t think it was a bad move because it allowed the games to move away from rehashing the city forever but I can understand why some people hated it.

Enough with pixels!

Next up is Code Veronica and I have to admit I’m happy to be finally done with the Playstation era. They’re not bad games but some nicer graphics with less pixels will do wonders. I heard before the Code Veronica had one of the crazier stories so I can’t wait to see for myself.

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WoW, why I came back

I was supposed to talk to you today about my Resident Evil marathon (finished RE3, moving to Veronica) but I stumbled upon Kurn series of reasons for quitting and it resonated with me, especially the last part because not so long ago I felt like she did and I was pretty certain that I was done forever and ever with WoW, having done all there is to it and having satisfied my curiosity.

I have a few words of wisdom for Kurn that were passed down to me by Foton of now defunct afkgamer.com

WoW is never out of the question.

A detour with Swtor

Last year at about this time I was waiting for Swtor like a kid waits for its Christmas presents. I was tired of WoW, burned out of raiding and I wanted a change of scenery… badly. I knew WoW quests and raids by heart and there was no more excitment playing it. I figured that after 7 years of playing the same game (2004-2011) I was done for good.

And Swtor came out and it was all great for a while. But Swtor turned out not to be the perfect game I envisioned. I got myself to blame for setting my expectations too high because Swtor turned out to be like all other new MMOs, with its strengths and weaknesses.

Then the Swtor endgame began and I learned a valuable lesson. Toward the end of 2011 I thought I was tired of WoW because it was WoW. Certainly playing the same thing for a long time didn’t help but what I failed to realize was that I was tired of the endgame formula. The grind gear, do raids everyweek and repeat ad nauseam formula.  Swtor uses the same formula and it got to me. Suddenly, all the bugs and annoyances were magnified and my experience soured. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy raiding with the people in Snark and some of the encounters are very enjoyable but Swtor didn’t reinvent raiding and the burnout I felt with WoW I started to feel in Swtor.

What I came to realize late this summer is that I’m tired of the current model of endgame design.  I love the actual raids and the challenge but I hate the commitments that come with it. Maybe its age or I just did it for too long but I hate having to grind gear and set aside time to be able to raid. I find it boring and it’s getting me down to have to do all these things.

It’s a bit weird to explain but it’s not even the grinding or the dailies themselves that get me. It’s that feeling of being forced to do the same thing over and over and over… or not having the freedom to decide what I want to do and not set my  own goals….

WoW in a new light

Now comes my time for a bit of wisdom. You don’t play an MMO multiple years without loving something fundamental about it. Raiding alone couldn’t have kept me in WoW for seven years and it’s always been my default MMO. I couldn’t even tell you why that is… just that’s the way it is.

So with raiding out of my mind and me wanting to try out a ton of crazy ideas, I saw WoW in a new light. For the sheer volume of content and the opportunities to do crazy stuff on a whim, WoW is still the king. It’s not that the other games are bad… just that WoW allows me to step in, do whatever I want for 30 mins and then log off satisfied.

And right now that’s what I want.

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Adventures in Grizzly Hills

Normally, I wouldn’t do a post about an old Wotlk zone in WoW. After all, we’ve all done it, seen it and we all talked about how Grizzly Hills is a great zone and how it manages to create the perfect ambiance with that special blend of music and scenery.

Sure the quests themselves might not be the best ever and the mechanics of the zone are pretty standard but I don’t care. Sooner or later as I quest in Grizzly hills I get that moment when the music and scenery line up perfectly and I just get lost in the experience.

Seriously Blizzard… make more like this please!

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Resident Evil marathon, RE2

Resident Evil  2
System: Playstation
Release date: January 21, 1998

Last time we explored an old mansion only to find out it was a trap  and now we’re heading to a city so what does RE2 has in store for us? Well, RE2 follows a more classic zombie movie setup, you’re playing either as rookie cop Leon Kennedy or as Claire Redfield looking for her brother in Raccoon city, now infested by a good old zombie army. If anything RE2 is one of the best entries in the series and some would even say it is the best. The first game did a great job of launching the series but RE2 is the one that made it great. The graphics were improved, the voice actor sucked a lot less and the story was pretty good. I enjoyed my time with RE 2 a lot despite the age of the game which only proves that great gaming remains great.

P, T and G… also, Umbrella is evil

While RE2 on the surface might not look like it brings much to the series since the story revolves mainly around surviving and escaping, it does bring a few core elements to the series namely by introducing to us the Birkin family, mainly mad scientist Birkins and his daugther, Sherry. While Sherry for now is relegated to the role of little girl in distress, daddy on the other hand is there to show us again what happen when you try dangerous viruses on yourself… it doesn’t end well.

So now with the introduction of the G virus we have all the main viruses in play. P was the early version that Marcus, Birkins mentor discovered and that mutates everything it touches, T is our favorite zombie apocalypse virus and G is the previous two mixed together and made a thousand times more potent. G is the one you want to create the rocket wielding Nemesis or just a plain old unkillable monster.

We also learn a bit more about Umbrella inner workings thanks to corporate spy Ada Wong and Birkins wife, Annette. Seems like Umbrella is mainly interested in the virus as a tool to create bioweapons and our dear Wesker and Birkins are more interested in creating monster and conquering the world. Like in RE0, we are reminded that in the end it’s pretty much the rogue Umbrella employees fault if everything goes to hell.

So while RE2 might not be big on revelations, it remains a great game and did introduce a few more important characters to the series so it’s all good for me.


Up next we have Resident Evil 3: Nemesis with its giant rocket wielding mutant out to hunt us. I’m pretty pumped for this one since it’s one of the older game I didn’t get the chance to do before so I”ll be discovering a new game this time around.

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