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Hello blog! /pokes with a stick

Writing this today to let you all know I’m still alive and I’m not going anywhere. I apologize for the lack of posts but things has been especially crazy for the past few months and things are not improving…

So, all of this only to say I’ll try to do better, just need to get used to blog at another time I think.

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Battle rez enthusiast!

I got a battle rez now. I have the power to bring back the dead to the land of the living whenever I want…. under a 10 minutes cooldown of course. This is so weird for me, used to play non-healers type to be able to resurrect someone, something that screams healer to me.

I’m enjoying it way too much!

I don’t know if it’s a misplaced urge to raise my army of the living dead to do my biding but I just love being able to rez people during combat. So much so in fact that I had to be called to order on it because I would spend it at the wrong moment. I promised to behave myself but I have to admit I was looking at all those dead people and my finger was itching to pop the battle rez.

Anyways.. just wanted to share my new fascination with the world. Maybe there’s a healer sleeping inside wanting to get out… who knows…

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Ascendant Council, aka the Captain Planet fight. Yet another damn Council fight. I hate council fights, profoundly…

Council fights were introduced to us back in BC with our buddy Kael’thas and ever since Blizz seemed to have a hard on for these fights. No raid instance is complete without one of these nightmares present. The general idea of these fights is pretty straightforward. Multiple bosses all at once each doing their own thing wich result in complete chaos.

I hate them because it takes forever to explain them, there’s way too much random involved most of the time and generaly speaking, you’ll get the damn council down because you’re starting to overgear it. They should be raid awareness fights but the truth is their more like “beat the random generator” fights. Case in point, we had an attempt on the Captain Planet council where the tornados and grounding effect kept spawning on top of each other wich basicaly means we’re doomed.

Still, we got the council down to 10% in a short hour and a half of seeing them so I know we’ll get them. Just have to power through the annoyance of fighting them.

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Fun with google search terms

Being lazy today and stealing Alas idea of talking about google search terms that caught my attention.

how many whipes can u do in heroic and then leave it without get deserter: It’s not the number but how long you have to wait wich is 30 minutes. Although I suspect that if you are asking that question you are either A)a healer, B)a tank or C) a fail dps.

do people use dk tanks in cataclysm raids: No they don’t. Especially not Eff the Ineffable. This is my spot and if you come any closer I’m going to bite you!

pictures of dr house: You use his picture once and all the raving fans are showing up! Hugh Laurie… so dreamy…

i can’t hold aggro as a blood dk cataclysm: Neither can I but that has never stopped me! Just blame the dps. They probably did something wrong anyway.

what is the status of monkey Pretending to work hard.

ff14 any good? No. Run away!

monkey sense of fairness Monkey is very fair to himself. It’s only with others that its not so clear.

blame the tank: Always! Every time something goes wrong you need to blame the tank. They tank the boss and they’ll tank your frustration as a bonus.

how to teach raid awareness Make your raiders beat Demon Souls. After that nothing should ever touch them. Contra with only 3 lives is also a nice training.

baby faceroll Because you asked for it. Here it is again

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It’s been too long! I can’t take it anymore. Bioware is bombarding us with Old republic info and I need to let my Star Wars geek out. Today we’re going talk about philosophy, Sith philosophy! If background doesn’t interest you feel free to skip this post.

So the Sith have been an obsession of mine ever since I started reading about the extended Star Wars univers back when I was in high school (Truce at Bakura was my first book I think).  How could a old guy like Palpatine become the ruler of the Empire and best all the jedis fascinated me. Over the years I’ve read all I could on the Sith and while a lot of the information keeps being retconned or changes according to the author, things are getting more or less stable and Bioware seems to be heading in the same direction as established lore. So without further introduction, lets look at what the Sith belive in.

A quick glossary

The Sith (race): the Sith was originally an extraterrestrial race from wich the first Sith took inspiration from for their society (design and such). They also enslaved them but that’s the Sith for you.

The Sith (political): The Sith empire was a region of space governed by the Sith (force-users). As an empire it governed all kind of people, both good and bad and from all walks of life. Bioware is playing that fact with the alignment system. You can serve the Sith faction and still be as good or bad as you want.

The Sith(force-users):  The Sith as religious/philosophical movement. These are the evil guys in black robes we all think about. They want power, they want to rule the galaxy and we love them for it. Plus they have better taste in style!

Darkside users: It’s not because you use the dark side that you are a Sith! Far from it in fact. The Sith, like the Jedi order, have rules and all kind of trials to make sure not anybody joins them. Besides, a raving lunatic doped on the dark side doesn’t make for a great world conqueror (though it can be incredibly fun to mess with them).

Sith vs Jedi

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.Through passion, I gain strength.Through strength, I gain power.Through power, I gain victory.Through victory, my chains are broken.The Force shall free me.

-The Sith Code

In the end it all comes down to emotions.  Both the Jedi and the Sith acknowledge than one has emotion, the difference is in how you handle them. The Jedi claims that emotions will cloud your judgement and as such they need to be controlled. Through calm and meditation a Jedi will be able to see the best path open to him and choose the right action to take.

The Sith on the other hand believe that emotions are your truest guides. They are the Force speaking to you and directing you toward truth. To deny your emotions is to be false and dishonest with yourself and the rest of the world. It is natural to be angry, happy or sad and normal to act upon those emotions.

Both the Sith and the Jedi agree on one point though, is that you cannot be ruled by your emotions. The Jedi do it through control, the Sith do it by harnessing their emotions. They view emotions as a wild river to be harnessed. Unchecked it can be destructive but if you channel said river it can also be incredibly useful. To be a Sith is to walk a fine line between acknowledging your emotions and to be ruled by them. This is also what separates them from other dark side users who often lack the control the Sith have.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

I’m not going to review the whole Sith code but the first line is particularly relevant to understand why the Sith are viewed as evil. Sith believe that every being is ruled by their emotions. Left to ourselves, without order, we would all be ruled by our passions and kill one another, no better than beasts. That doesn’t mean they dislike order, far from it in fact. But they point out that the only way order can be enforced is through force. No society, they claim, can be held together only with good intentions.

So in a world of dog eat dog, better be on top right?  So, if you want to be true to yourself, thus listening to your emotions and in doing so, be true to nature, using said emotions is the best way to rise to power. And wich side of the force feeds on emotion? The dark side of course!

So are the Sith evil?

For the vast majority, yes, absolutely. The the dark side is the strongest when it feeds on dark, strong emotions most of wich are considered evil or require evil acts. While it’s not absolutely necessary to be evil to be a Sith, it does lead to that more often than not. A few Siths, more interested in science and research were known to be more or less neutral.

Hope you enjoyed this little primer on the Sith! Now if only ToR can come out

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