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 I’ve been giving the new Call to Arms feature a lot of thought before speaking about it. As a tank, I should be happy that I’m going to get rewards simply because I play a class that’s in demand…

The thing is that I don’t feel anymore incentive to Tank than I did before. River has a nice writeup on some of the reasons why I’m not feeling super excited about getting extra for tanking but the issue revolves mainly along the lines of “You can’t pay me enough to take this kind of abuse”. Pugs are insane to tanks (and healers) and they are getting what they deserve as I wrote about  back in december.

Going to pick my crystal ball again and foresee the future. Call to arms will help out at first when there’s new content around as the tank will want the rewards and gear. Then after a really short while (tanks tend to gear up fast with those insta groups), tanks will have all they need and go back to tanking for friends and guilds where they are not abused. I have not tanked a pure random pug since January and have no intention to do so soon.

So no, I won’t come and save the pugs. I will do what I need to do, maybe try picking up a shiny poney if I feel like it in the first few days and then I’ll go back to being a pocket tank for my guild.

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World of tanks coming out today

A few months after the Russia we are finally getting the launch of World of Tanks, Wargaming.net MMO/Shooter hybrid featuring WW2-ish era tanks. I’m saying WW2-ish because some of the tanks are prototypes or were released in the immediate post-war period (T-54).  You probably have seen the ads plastered all over websites, announcing a free to play MMO.

So is it really free to play? No. It’s free to try and someone really crazy and dedicated could go all the way without paying a dime but the game is made so you pay at some point. The game separate tanks in 10 tiers wich you can think of as levels. A free user can get to Tier 4 easily and get an excellent feel for the game, if really dedicated push it to tier 6 or 7 but after the in-game credits you gain as a free user are insufficient to cover the cost of higher tier battles. Still, a lot of player feels the best battle are had at around Tier 4 and will restrain themselves to that range so a free user can have a lot of fun.

Paying users buy gold and have access to Premium accounts(15$ a month) wich double the XP and credit gain making it possible to reach the top tiers like you would in a normal MMO (read grinding levels/battles here) and they can also buy premium tanks wich are special models and variants like British tanks used by the Russians or French captured tanks used by the Germans. These tanks are nice, come fully upgraded but are not game breaking so it’s more a question of personal taste than anything. The one thing gold can get you to give you an edge is premium ammo and consumable but again, it won’t save you from being ambushed.

Is the game good? Yes, surprisingly so if you’re into shooter type games, vehicle simulators and historic games. WoT is a weird crossover between multiple. Sure the germans didn’t fight along the americans and tank battle featured more than just tanks but if you’re into tanks this is probably the only game that does a good job of simulating a tank battle without becoming a hardcore simulator.

Now I just need to find a way to make time for WoW, Starcraft 2, WoT, Spirit tracks, Dead Space, Appolo Justice, Shogun 2, Operation Darkness, Pilotwings, ….

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Nintendo does it again

I got myself a 3DS last week as a birthday present from myself to myself. I wasn’t sure at first because I didn’t feel there was any great launch titles but I’ve always had a soft spot for Pilotwings  on the Snes and the geek inside me was drooling over the thing anyway. It was only a question of time.

So…. what were my first impressions?? Nintendo has once again surpassed everyone else. Over the past few years Nintendo has not been known for their huge library of game but they innovate like no one else. The DS touch screen was a huge hit before phones had them, the Wii started the movement revolution way before Kinect or Move and now the 3D screen without glasses is yet another innovation I’m sure will leave a lasting impact.

The 3D effect is simply great! This is coming from someone who can’t go see 3d movies due to an eye problem. I see the 3d great, it looks good and the no glass thing is just crazy awesome. I can play hours without any headaches!!! I’m spazzing.

Time and games will tell how well the 3DS fares but I’m really excited about its future!

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Raiding Starcraft 2

It looks like I got the Starcraft 2 bug again. I started playing again last weekend with my brother and since then I’ve been playing a lot of it. Back last summer I was playing a lot and being dead serious about it but I stopped because I simply got afraid of the ladder. Sc2 ladder is very competitive, I lost a lot.  But coming back now to it I feel a bit dumb for stopping like I did…

I was watching videos the other night and one thing that struck me was how similar the advice sounded to raiding advice I’ve given in WoW. Sure the skills needed are a lot different but the basics are all there. You have theorycraft, replays (boss strat videos), build orders(the dance), game sense (raid awareness), macro (managing your resources) and micro (rotation).

The thing is that I’m completely at a loss when it comes to identifying the flaws in my gameplay and how to improve in those areas. So just like raiding, I’m going to start by following the experts advice and go from there. One of the ideas I liked a lot was to keep a log of your games with your impressions on them so you can track your progress, kinda like the self reviews we do in Eff the Ineffable. In order to do that I’ve opened up a new blog wich will serve as a journal for that purpose. If you want to check it out you can do so here but the Sc2 blog is first a journal for myself. I plan to keep on blogging here just like I’ve been doing for the past year and half. Still, if you want to follow my progress you’re more than welcome to check it out.

I’m really curious to see how this will all turn out and if I can go from noob to expert again in another game with a whole different skill set.

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Rediscovering a lost love

For those not following Starcraft 2 news like I was, Blizzard did a reset of the ladders last week and with it a few people I know like my brother, a coworker and a few friends started playing again. I had not stopped completely playing before the reset but I wasn’t playing much either. You can only get your ass handed to you so often before you figure you’d better take up knitting.

But with the reset and my friends playing again, I’ve rediscovered my love for this game. I even went back to 1v1 and actually had fun loosing some games. I think the reset did a lot of good because I get to play people my own skill level again, something that wasn’t happening too often before. I’m not sure what and if they changed anything with the match making but it’s a lot more fun now.

I’ve decided to go all out terran this time around and actually follow some expert advice by picking a proven build and sticking with it until I master it. I picked something versatile of course just because I like having options but on the whole I want to see if I can improve by following the theorycraft. If it works for WoW, it might as well work for SC2.

If you’re one of the returning players and want to practice or have fun you can add me to your friend list, Lono (code:248).

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