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Cataclysmic events

I’m going to echo Larisa a bit today and talk about the events leading up to Cataclysm release and player reactions to them. As most of you probably know, Blizzard has made a series of events and quests that ramp up to the actual Cataclysm. We will actually be able to see it happens before our very eyes! I mean, how exciting is that!

Not very much according to some. I keep hearing and reading about how it’s only screen shakings, loot-less elementals, easy bosses and errand quests. What should be a really exciting time turns out to be yet another day at the job for them and I find that very sad.

The Cataclysm event

So what does this event do? Or said another way, what is it missing? Let’s look:

-World changing, story line quests     Check
-Interacting with lore characters  Check
-Accessible quests  Check
-In-game events(Invasion, earthquakes)    Check
-Special bosses(4 of them!)     Check
-Loot upgrades(iLevel 251 items)   Check
-Seeing the world change before our eyes  Priceless

For years I’ve seen people ask exactly for that kind of event and it’s exactly what’s going on right now!
We ought to be super excited and yet I still hear complaints. It’s normal, after all it’s missing a few important
features (/sarcasm)

-Making me better than everyone else    Missing
-Changing to game completely so it fits my every desire   Missing
-Be a new MMO  Missing

It’s all so clear now…

Yes, we are customers. Yes, we pay 15$ a month and as such we are right to expect continuous commitment from Blizzard to improve the game.

This is exactly what they have done with these events. It might not be the epitome of perfection but Blizzard get’s a perfect score for effort from me. They clearly put some thoughts and effort in all of this and to me it’s disheartening to see so many complain about this. They are missing a truly great event and they only have themselves to blame for it. Ask yourself a simple question. Ultimately, does these events improve the game, or make it worse? I truly believe that no matter how underwhelming someone might find them they do not make the game worst. Once that’s established… why not simply enjoy them for what they are, a fun way to experience the changes to Azeroth.

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FF14: Failure to launch

If you’ve been following the debacle of the FF14 launch, you now know that SquareEnix extended the trial period for yet another month, meaning that if you bought the game at launch you will get a full 3 months of free play. That’s a full quarter of a year that the company will not make any money out of subscriptions and unless things have changed or I’ve been misinformed, it’s during the early launch of a game that it needs to make money in order to pay for itself.

After a full three months of play, the impulse buyers will have left, the tourist will have moved on and the “new and shiny” factor will have worn off. When FF14 finally does start to generate subscription revenue, it will probably have missed it’s best three months.

SquareEnix must know this and for them to extend the trial period to 90 days tells of the sorry state the game is in. Going by the very unscientific method of asking a current player and reading the forums I get a very sad picture of servers emptying themselves and becoming deserted.

I believe we might actually be seeing the first MMO to not even survive its launch period. For me to call FF14 to have survived its launch it needs to survive the month where it demands payment. In short, if enough players are willing to pay and they keep the game going past that first month I will acknowledge FF14 to have survived launch.

Right now it’s on life support and things are not looking good.

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I really wish I could bring something deep and wonderful to the blog world today. You know, something I’ve put some thoughts into and make you all ponder about the great truths of the universe.

The truth is that I’ve been swamped with work like I’ve rarely been and as a result, pretty all my activities including blogging have taken a hit. I’ve been  assigned to a pretty big project that while being incredibly awesome to work on, also takes a lot of my time and energy. I’m sure I’ll find a rhythm and get back into my groove but until then blogging might be a bit more irregular here. I apologize for that.

Still here’s something to ponder over for all of you. Yesterday, I logged into WoW to say hi to Kaozz and Geecee and also to wind down some. In that short hour I’ve had more fun just talking to them and hanging out than I’ve had in high-end raiding. I didn’t accomplish anything worhtwhile during that hour or anything especially fun but just hanging out with good people was enough to have a ton of fun. Makes you wonder how much one is responsible for his or her own enjoyment.

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Settling down on Silvermoon

I’m writing this down to commit myself to this idea. Too often in the past I’ve had this great idea I knew was right and I didn’t follow through because of a number of reasons. This is one of those cases. I know what must be done and I must steel my heart and follow through.

It’s now time for me to put down my bags and settle down. Ever since I’ve started playing WoW I’ve been a server nomad. I have played seriously on over 15 servers since launch, following my latest crazy idea or someone else project. While things are usually great at first, projects and people change and move on and on many occasions I felt left behind, stranded in the unknown until I caught wind of something new and moved again to a new server.

This is how I ended up on Silvermoon, the latest in a long line of server. At the time I was dissatisfied with Mug’thol being a PvP server and when Kaozz extended a hand I took it and came over. Yet again, people moved on and ideas changed and what started out as a group of friend raiding together is now a small guild of super casual people. Now, I feel the pull of the cycle yet again, River is starting a new guild on Azgalor and I gave serious thoughts about maybe going over there. But then I stopped myself because I could see the cycle again.

I would go over there, things would be great at first, then people would probably leave because of an issue or another, or my own interests would change and then I would be right back where I started. No more… I’m so tired of this. I wish the best to River but this  time I must stay put.

So I’m breaking the cycle. I’m comfortable here on Silvermoon. I have this small guild made up of awesome people. I’m horde, it’s not a pvp server and there’s everything here I could wish for. It warms my heart when I see Geecee log in to level her tauren with her husband. I want us, Kaozz, Geecee, my friends and everyone else to have a good time together and I feel Walk the Plank and Silvermoon is the right place for that even if we’re not playing all the time. It’s my hope that we’ll be able to create long lasting memories and if that is to happen I need and I want to settle down.

So there it is. I’m putting down my bags and committing to this.

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Back from the dead

Oh yeah! Finaly I’m done with the training and I can get back to my regular schedule. To be honest I’m really glad to be back, hotel rooms have never been one of my favorite things in life.

A huge and special thank to Kaozz for holding down the fort!!!

I’m keeping this short as RL keeps intruding today so we’ll see each other later on monday.

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